I studied communicationsdesign at the technical college Mainz, Germany.
1993 i started working for the German TVstation ZDF . The first years i did the graphicworks for different departments of the TVstation like Childrens News, Foreign Countries News and did the graphics for the Sports-magazins.
2000 i was removed to the ZDF daughterchannel 3sat, and i worked for different 3sat departments, i.e. the science magazin"nano" or the Computermagain "neues".
2011 i was send back again to the ZDF and now i´m doing the graphics for different daily magazines.

The first years i was used to work with Quantel workstations (Paintbox, Harriet and HAL).
Now i´m working with Windows- and Macintosh-Computer, using mostly Adobe-softwares like Aftereffects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Curiuos-Maps-Software.