well, one of my major hobby, as you can guess for sure, is Miniatures collecting and painting.

In my younger days i glued and painted a lot of plastic Airfix, Rewell and Tamiya 1:35 scale models together.
I started painting and collecting metall miniatures about 1994. I bought the Games Workshop game " Spacehulk " and i didnt like the plastic Terminators. So i bought some of the metall GW 40k Terminators and here it started. Now i own about over 6000 miniatures, not only GW miniatures. I guess, i got now enough miniatures to paint when i retire. But still new great Fantasy Football teams keep coming ...

In the year 2000, while looking for lost stuff in my flat, i discovered my old painted Blood Bowl teams again which i never played with. And, while checking different websites about the Blood Bowl game, i started collecting only Blood Bowl miniatures for 4 years until i got all possible old and new official Blood Bowl miniatures for my collection. Very helpful for starting my collection, until i got all old GW cataloges, too, was Tom "Galak" Anders great website, which is now sadly closed because of GW related reasons. After i visited the TalkFantasyFootball website quite often, i was told by the members, not only to collect the miniatures, no, i should actualy play games with them! So i start playing 2003 with the visit of my first tournament "Morgs Mannheim Massaker "and started playing at international tournaments, too. I was also playing since 2004 at my hometown league for some years.

Another hobby is to travel foreign countries. In my schooldays i used to travel the European countries. Since 1992 i was away for about four weeks per year to visit different countries. These travels are on hold because of a familary reason right now. ;-)
As my family is a old photographer family, i ´m used to take photos, too. Some of my travel picts and tour description will be found at my Travel website www.ruediger-rickassel.de, if i find the time to reopen this site again, too.