For the four major Blood Bowl tournaments, the Spike! Magazine tournament, the Dungeonbowl, the Chaos Cup and the Blood Bowl Championship, exist four different trophies. These miniatures are GWmade.
The Original "The Spike!" Trophy is one of the most rare BB items. Just about 500 are cast. There exists also a older version of the "Blood Bow", which is quite common and looks the same like the new one of the "Blood Bowl Trophy Pack". The trophies of this pack were sculpted 2002 by Mark Harrison and Gary Morley.


"The Spike!" Old
    "The Spike!" New     "Dungeon Bowl"     "Blood Bowl"   "Chaos Cup"      
"The Spike!"
"The Spike!"
"Dungeon Bowl"
"Blood Bowl"
"Chaos Cup"

At this page i will add also the "special" trophies made for non GW related Blood Bowl events or Tournaments.
If someone knews about other trophies and has picts of them, please contact me. Thanks !
BarnaBowl Trophy 2003

"BarnaBowl Trophy 2003"
This Tournament took place at Barcelona, Spain. I dont know, who sculpted this trophy. I only kno
w that TBB "TiMuN" won this trophy 2003.


Albion Coast Cup 2004
  "Albion Coast Cup Trophy 2004"
Mike Thorp sculpted this trophy for this tournament. 27 of this trophies were cast and 12 were given to the winners of the Albion Coast Cup in Southampton 14th-15th August 2004.
At the larger pict you can see the green and a version painted by TBB "Longfang".

Albion Coast Cup 2004

"NAF Tournament Champion Trophy"
I dont know how many are made until now, when it started or who did the sculpting of this miniature, but i´m very happy to get this trophy finaly into my collection at all.
Normal NAF trophies are only give to winners of NAF tournaments ... and as i´m not one of the best coaches the chance to earn one myself are very little. ;-)
I got the trophy from a ebay auction. This one was original given to the winner of a NAF tournament 2008.