Blood Bowl Block Dice
Blood Bowl / Fantasy Football Australian Block Dice

Originally they were intended as a small custom run for players at Eucalytpus Bowl 2013, however the popularity of the design and the demand for a variety of Australia themed colours soon led to consider a much larger release.

And a Indiegogo project followed... ;-) At the end there were also a pair of color matchingD6 dice for every block dice set. Shown here at the left.

Designed by the amazing Melvin de Voor, the designs themselves are made to strongly evoke Australian themes, while at the same time remaining clearly recognisable as Block Dice. The Koala and the Gum Leaf as the main elements were selected, alongside the styalised outline of Australia itself!

The colour combinations selected are all designed to remind owners of an aspect of the beauty and diversity that Australia contains. ( After visiting Australia two time and diving about 10.000 km i totaly agree... :-) )

A word of the Australian guy himself:

"Hi, my name is Richard "Virral" Andrew and I've been heavily involved in the Australian Fantasy Football scene since 2005 where I won the first Eucalyptus Bowl tournament (sadly, my only tournament win to date!) I'm now the tournament organiser for Eucalyptus Bowl, the largest tournament of it's kind in the southern hemisphere and an active contributor to Blitz Magazine and the Australian community forums, Ausbowl."

Australian Block Dice
What Australian Themed Dice collection would be complete without the classic Green and Gold? The "Baggy Greens" colour is an IndieGoGo exclusive.

Australian Block Dice

Australian Block Dice

NAF BlAustralian Block Dice

One thing Australia is known for is it's beautiful reefs and aquatic life, but noone ever accused them of dressing sensibly! Seeing the Great Barrier Reef is like entering a Day-Glo wonderland, and to represent it the production come up with a colour combo that could never be accused of being dull!
Australian Block Dice
When initially sought for feedback on the colour options, one of the most popular colours which came up with was the Croc Hunter.The manufacturers can make Khaki dice, it costs a lot more as it's not a standard colour they produce.

Australian Block Dice

The MBBL Design came about via the "Design Your Own" perk, taken by Kyle Harper of the Melbourne Blood Bowl League. The Blue and Silver represent Victoria, the state where Melbourne is located
Australian Block Dice
Aset of multi colour block dice...costs were quite high compared to standard dice

Australian Block Dice

.Ivory with Brown
Australian Block Dice
The Uluru Twilight colours were selected by contributor vote. There are at last 4 different ones.

Australian Block Dice

... even more Australian Blockdice

I was told, there are even more of them, which i dont own. ;-)

"You're missing some colour combinations. Red with white symbols were made for Southern Shrike Bowl, Green with white = Eucbowl, Blue with Orange = Australian State Championships. There were two batches of Purple dice, you've shown the ones with Orange symbols, but there's also some with Yellow symbols. The tournament dice didn't come with matching D6 (that I know of)." Thx Steven Merlo for the informations.