Special Blood Bowl Miniatures and items from Games Workshop ... these are the miniatures, which are sculpted and cast from Games Workshop p.e. for special events and/or as giveaways for Blood Bowl tournaments. Some of them , like the original Spike Trophy, are quite rare and also expensive to buy or to trade.
Right now, Sepember 2008, i ´m still looking for the New Mighty Zug and the Darkelv Referee. If someone is selling one of those or sees a ebay auction with these miniatures, please contact me.

Limited Edition Gutterrunner
  The Original Spike Trophy
The Spike Trophy is one of the rarest BB items. Just about 500 are made. If a collector got one of them, he will hardly sell this miniature again! :)

Limited Edition Gutterrunner
  Limited Editon Skaven Gutter Runner

"The Gutter runner and Lizardman Cheerleader have really only had a few spins so less than 500." (Andy Hal).
I dont believe this anymore as GW uses this mini as "Giveaway" for winner of Pubquiz now like at the BB2004 !

Limited Edition Lizard Cheerleader
  Limited Editon Lizardman Cheerleader

"The Gutter runner and Lizardman Cheerleader have really only had a few spins so less than 500." (Andy Hal). This miniature was really difficult to get at first. Now this miniature is sometimes a price of GW sponsored tournaments.
I got my second one from Andy Hal for a article i wrote for the Fanatic website.

Kroxigor right sideGD Lizardteam 4.Edition
  Limited Editon Gamesday 2000 Lizardman Team

Just 200 full Limited Edition Lizardman Team sets were made and mostly sold at the US GamesDay 2000. There are not only the player miniatures on this team. The additional support team of of 5 warhammer Skinks was sold by GW later. Detail pictures of the single miniatures of this team you can find here at my archive.
Full teams are quite rare to find at ebay. And if one turns up, quite some collectors start to bid. At my first try i run into a ebay bidding war.

Blood Bowl metal balls
  Games Workshop Blood Bowl Metal balls

First time these metall Blood Bowl balls showed up at the Blood Bowl Tournament 2003 at Nottingham. Quite a few went MIA (missing in action) after this event. At the 2004 BB event they were painted brown... well, some went MIA again. ;-)

Limited Edition Lizard Team GD 2000
  Games Workshop very rare Darkelv referee

This miniature was given as a GWsponsered price at the Morg Mannheim Massacre Tournament. I never saw it somewhere else. Pity i have chosen the wrong miniature this time.

  Games Workshop very rare "Mighty Zug"

"There was a very limited edition for GWstaff." This information and the picture i got from a Spanish BBforum.

  Games Workshop very rare Blood Bowl Human Referee - 2004

This miniature is showing a Human Coach, smoking a cigar, shouting and pointing somewhere. There is also a water bucket at the cast. The tag on the front side shows "BLOODBOWL" and on the other "GW 2004". This is a genuine Games Workshop model that never war released for general public.

Until September 2008 I know about four of this miniatures and saw just one at a US-Ebay-auction once which i lost. Finaly i got this miniature directly from a Italian TBB member... Thx Roberto ! :-)