... useful painting links and websites of painters

    Axia-Fish Painting Studio
A Italian miniatures painter, one of the best IMO. He accept commissions and can be contacted using this email adress: 87axi(at)libero.it More of his work at CoolMiniOrNot .
A spanish company, which produce a Modelcolor range, which contains 208 colors and an extensive assortment of mediums and varnishes, designed especially for Miniature and Modelpainting.
"We are a paint company located in Spain, our mainwork is to paint BB teams". Very well painted BB miniatures on this spanish website with some "secretos de pintura"...
Hot-Lead   Hot-lead
Laszlo Jakusovszky, a painter, who decided to write up his observations and techniques on painting miniatures. Here is also good article about painting fire.
Painting-Clinic   Painting-Clinic
From the website : "Welcome to Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. This site is for miniatures painters, by miniatures painters. Whether your taking your first step into the wonderful world of miniature painting or a long time expert, The Painting Clinic is here to help you with all of your painting ailments. " Explains it better than i could :-)
Jenova   Jenova-Project
Inge Mygind Jensen, a female danish painter. A great english website with lots of painted miniatures of different companies ! Many painting tutorials of different themes!

... useful sculpting and diorama-building links

Dragon-Forge   Dragon-Forge
A site to buy sculpting tools. And some good tutorials, how to build of bases
Freebooter-Miniatures   Freebooter-Miniatures
No Fantasy Football miniatures to find on this site of Werner Klocke, but still a site worth the visit because of great sculpted miniatures.
Hirst-Arts   Hirst-Arts
Bruce Hirst sells great molds for to cast your own dioramas and buildings. Perfect stuff for a homemade pitchs, dugouts and dungeons as you can see at my project page.
Frank_becker-B7   Frank Becker Pitchs
TFF "Frank"´s website, which shows all of his homemade pitchs. Frank is also also the one ( with his wife) who manages the B7 Tournaments at Böblingen, Germany.