... the Necromantic Team 5.Edition. Another new undead team appeared 2003. The already existing Zombies, Whights and Ghouls of the 3. Edition , sculpted by Gary Morley, are reused for this team of the 5. Edition.
But there are still three new sculpted miniatures: a Werwolf, a Fleshgolem, which is kind of new version of the old 2. edition Starplayer Frank´n Stein. All three are sculpted by Mark Bedford. The Cheerleader of this team was released 2003, too, and sculpted by Shane Hoyle.

Undead 3.Edition Ghoul 1
Undead 3.Edition Ghoul 2
Undead 3.Edition Zombie 1
Undead 3.Edition Zombie 2
Ghoul 1
Ghoul 2
Zombie 1
Zombie 2
Undead 3.Edition Wight 1
Undead  3.Edition Wight 2
Werwolf  5.Edition
FlehGolem 5.Edition
Wight 1
Wight 2
Undead  3.Edition Cheerleader