... the Human Team 5.Edition. Finaly a team again with 16 different minis for all positions ! A long time there were just pictures of resin precasts at the ´net. All minis are sculpted by Mark Bedford and released May 2005. At GW´s Online store they got a somehow crasy numbering from 1 to 16. The miniatures are very nice sculpted.
This team should be first of row of remakes of older teams. And at the BB 2005 at Nottingham there were some " greens" of new Dwarfs ... but now, August 2008, it looks like there will be no new teams in the future !!!
I painted my team and played it over 2 years at leagues and tournaments. At the moment i´m converting a Mordheim ogre as a Big Guy for this team. Before i used my trusted old Ogryn, which played nomaly for my Orc team.

Human Blitzer #7  5.Edition
Human Blitzer #8 5.Edition
Human Blitzer #10 5 .Edition
Human Blitzer #15  5.Edition
Blitzer 7
Blitzer 8
Blitzer 10
Blitzer 15
Human Catcherr #3 5.Edition
Human Catcher #4  5.Edition
Human Catcher #5   5.Edition
Human Catcher #6 5.Edition
Catcher 3
Catcher 4
Catcher 5
Catcher 6
Human Line#9  5.Edition
Human Line#11  5.Edition
Human Line#12  5.Edition
Human Line#13  5.Edition
Lineman 9
Lineman 11
Lineman 12
Lineman 13
Human Line#14   5.Edition
Human Line#16  5.Edition
Human Thrower #1  5.Edition
Human Thrower #2 5.Edition
Lineman 14
Lineman 16
Thrower 1
Thrower 2