The Big Guys and Starplayers of the 4. Edition:

Treeman 4.Edition
This treeman for the 4.Edition was sculpted by Mark Bedford and released 2000.
Treeman 4.Edition
Kroxigor 4.Edition
This Kroxigor, sculpted by Phil Bowen, is one of the two versions of the BigGuy for the Lizardmen Team.There are two different heads for one body.
Silibili Starplayer 4.Edition
Silibili is the only Starplayer, playing for the Lizardmen. This mini is also sculpted by Phil Bowen.
Saurus Starplayer
" Silibili "

Thrud 4.Edition
Thats the famous Barbarian " Thrud " as a Blood Bowl Starplayer. He was sculpted by Mark Bedford.
Carl Critchlow´s great comic character appeared quite a time ago in the very old " White Dwarf " Magazines.
Thrud, der Barbar