... the Lizardmen Team of the 4.Edition. There are 8 different miniatures for this team. For the body of the Kroxigor exits two different heads. The only starplayer for this team is the Saurus Silibili. The miniatures were sculpted by Phil Bowen and was sold by Fanatics 2001.
There is also a second lizardmen team , the Limited Edition GD2000 Lizardteam, which is shown at the BB collectors stuff section.

Lizards 4.Edition Saurus 1
Lizards 4.Edition Saurus  2
Lizards 4.Edition Kroxigor 1
Lizards 4.Edition Kroxigor 2
Saurus with
1 horn
Saurus with
2 horns
with head crest
without head crest
Lizards 4.Edition Skink 1
Lizards 4.Edition Skink 2
Lizards 4.Edition Skink 3
Lizards 4.Edition Skink 4
Skink with
long crest helmet
Skink with
single small crest
Skink with
2 small crest
Skink with
no helmet
" Silibili "