... the Limited Edition Lizardmen Team of the Games Day 2000. It consists of 5 different Saurus players, 2 different Skinks ( each 3 times in this team) and one Kroxigor. Compared to the Lizardmen Skinks miniatures of the 4.Edition those Skinks are a little smaller. The Sauri and the Kroxigor of this team got more details and ornaments of the armor than the offical ones.
The additional support team of 5 Skinks was sold by GW later. These minaitaures are reused Warhammer Lizardmen miniatures: Oxayotl - Chameleon Skink, Tenehuini - Prophet of Sotek, 2 Skink Drummer #2 und a Skink Shamane.

This team was produced as a limited edition of just 200 teams and sold at the US Gamesday 2000. Its not easy to get one of those teams, even at ebay. Rarely single miniatures of this teams are sold. I got this team, including the support team, winning a US ebay auction.

Saurus 1 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Saurus 2 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Saurus 3 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Saurus 4 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Saurus 5 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
GD Saurus 1

GD Saurus 2

GD Saurus 3
GD Saurus 4
GD Saurus 5
Skink 1 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Skink 2 GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Kroxigir left side GD Lizardteam 4.Edition
Kroxigor right sideGD Lizardteam 4.Edition
GD Skink 1
GD Skink 2

GD Kroxigor leftside

GD Kroxigor rightside
Oxayotl Warhammer Lizard
Tenehuini Warhammer Lizard
Skink Shaman Warhammer Lizard
Skink Drummer 2 GD Warhammer Lizard
Oxayotl - Chameleon Skink
Tenehuini - Prophet of Sotek
Skink Shaman
Skink Drummer 2